Microwave Control Panel, Buttons Not Working [WHY]

If you have a microwave that’s not working, you’ll need to know how to troubleshoot a microwave before you can fix it.

The problem is not that the microwave isn’t working, but rather that the microwave buttons are not working.

We’ll look at the common problems that you may run into and how to fix a microwave’s [PANEL] that is not working.

Control panel of the microwave

Microwave ovens come with a control panel that is responsible for the working of the appliance. The control panel contains various buttons and knobs that allow the user to adjust the temperature, power and other settings.

Check the control panel of Microwave

how to check follow these guidelines

1. Turn the power off to the microwave.

2. Remove the cover on the microwave.

3. Check to see if the power cord is plugged in all the way and if the light is on.

4. Look for any signs of damage or missing parts on the control panel.

5. Try to operate the microwave using the buttons on the panel.

6. If the microwave still doesn’t work, check to see if the control panel is installed properly by checking for signs of damage or missing parts. If there are no signs of damage or missing parts, the control panel may be defective and you’ll need to replace it.

7. Reinstall the cover on the microwave and turn the power on.

8. If the microwave still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the control panel.

Replace the control panel of microwave

Please take following measures to replace the control panel [ buttons]

  • The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to turn the microwave off. You don’t want power when you’re working on this panel ahead and unplug it, remove the two screws that secure the vent top to the microwave You’ll have one on each side.
  • Once you do that, go ahead and remove the vent cover that’ll just pull right out, remove the panel. You’re going to have to open your microwave door.
  • you’re going to remove the screw that secures the panel to the microwave, remove the panel.

There’s going to be four clips two on each side And then there will be a little groove So what you’re going to do is you’re going to pull up and towards.

You don’t be too abrasive because there are wires that attach to the panel. So you want to be careful while you’re doing that.

  • So push up from the bottom and then you’re going to slowly pull towards yourself. Now be careful because there are wires back here. when you’ll remove the panel that the ribbon cable will come loose.
  • The base where the river cable ties into the groove. Go ahead and pull that out. Once you pull it out, go ahead and reattach your ribbon cable into the slot.
  • Be, firm and gentle at the same time, you just want to make sure it goes inside. Now, once you have it inside as you’re holding it, you’re going to push down on the slot and that’s going to re-secure the ribbon cable Once you push the base back down, that’ll re secure the ribbon cable again. As I said, be careful. You do have a lot of other electrical components around. So just be very careful when you’re doing that

Go ahead and reassemble your microwave for this portion We’re just going to put the panel back in and then I’m gonna plug it in and then we’re going to test it to see if the panel does start operating properly.

Membrane switch of microwave

Microwave ovens use a membrane switch to control the flow of microwaves into and out of the oven.

The membrane switch is a thin piece of plastic or metal that sits between the oven and the food.

When the microwave oven is turned on, the membrane switch opens, letting microwaves into the oven.

The membrane switch closes when the microwave is turned off, stopping the flow of microwaves.

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